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South Africa Tour
South Africa Tour

Country visited: South Africa


This tour gives you the best of South Africa.   From Pretoria we head to the Drakensberg for 2 full days.  Drakensberg is considered the premium hiking destination in South Africa, you can do a hike to the highest country in Southern Africa, Lesotho.  Drakensburg also has the higest consentration of rock art in the world and has the 2nd highest waterfall on the planet!! From here we head to the east coast for snorkling, diving, cycling, whale watching or just taking a relaxing walk on the beach.  We drive around Swaziland to Nelshoogte Nature Reserve where we spend a full day hiking, enjoying the waterfalls and swimming holes at the Queen Rose Hiking camp!  After this, we head to the famous Kruger National Park, where we keep our eyes peeled for the Big 5.  We are then off to Hoedspruit for some very informative, fun activities! We stay in Balule Nature reserve where you do a morning walk with a qualified naturalist on her farm.  We also visit the Moholoholo Rehab centre and Hoedspruit Reptile Center. We spend a day with Rhino Revolution in Khaya Ndlovu in Hoedspruit as well as an open jeep safari. Before making our way back to Pretoria we visit the breathtaking Blyde River Canyon. The last night we spend in Sabie, where you can enjoy hiking through the forrest and swimming in the hot swimming pool.


Tour Code: SA/7/2022
Tour Price: € 1.900,-


Tour price includes: (depending on Covid 19 regulations)

  1. All transport in our fully equiped Overland vehicle
  2. Camping equipment, cooking equipment, all meals as specified.
  3. Full day hike to Tugela Falls in Drakensberg
  4. Shark dissection in Durban at the Kwazulu Natal Sharks board 
  5. Afternoon Boat cruise in St Lucia
  6. Game drive through iSimangaliso Wetlands park and afternoon to snorkel and have lunch on the beach.
  7. 14km Queen Rose hike and waterfall tour in Nelshoogte Nature Reserve
  8. 2 hour tour at the Jane Goodall Institure Chimp Eden 
  9. Full day game drives in Kruger National Park in our vehicle
  10. Morning tour at Hoedspruit Reptile center
  11. Afternoon tour at Moholoholo Rehabitation centre in Hoedspruit.
  12. Visiting Rhino Revolution and a open jeep safari
  13. Blyde river canyon tour 

Tour price excludes: 


Visas, flight ticket, additional spending money, optional activities, sleeping bag & pillow. 1 dinner (St Lucia) & 1 lunch (Hoedspruit) 


Per person price is based on a minimum of 6 students.


Please make sure that you are at Twana Lodge 1 day before departure arrival in South Africa on or before the 3rd of July!


Departure Date for July 2022:

4 July 2022


Return Date 2022:

22 July 2022

Please make sure you book your flight back to Holland from the 23rd of July onwards!


Please make sure that you are at Twana Lodge 1 day before departure arrival in South Africa on or before the 1st of Aug!


Departure Date for August 2022:

2 August 2022


Return Date 2022:

20 August 2022

Please make sure you book your flight back to Holland from the 21st of Aug onwards!


For more information, you are very welcome to visit the info meeting:

Monday 4 April, 12:45 - 13:45.  Bolognelaan 101, room BOL1.204 at the Uithof, Utrecht University!



This year the Safari course has become a new ‘Biologie in het Werkveld’ course (2.5 ECTS): ( 




The trips for Wageningen and other students remain a Capita Selecta Course (3 ECTS). 



Looking for an adventure coming year? 

Would you like to do something completely different?

And have you always wanted to explore the exciting nature and wildlife of Southern Africa?


If you are looking for more info contact us via, and/or add me as a friend on Facebook:


Hope to see you soon :)!



Depart: Pretoria
End: Pretoria


Day 1: Drakensberg 

Day 2: Drakensberg (full day hike to Tugela Falls) - included

Day 3: Drakensberg (full day for optional activities)

Day 4Durban

Day 5: St Lucia (morning shark dissection & afternoon Hippo & Croc tour) - included

Day 6: St Lucia (game drive through iSimangaliso Wetlands Park to Cape Vidal) - included

Day 7: St Lucia (full day Hluluwe-Umfolozi game drive) - included

Day 8: St Lucia (full day for optional activities)

Day 9: Sodwana Bay

Day 10: Sodwana Bay (full day optional activities)

Day 11: Nelshoogte Nature Reserve

Day 12: Nelshoogte Nature Reserve (14 km Queen Rose Hiking Trail) - included

Day 13: Marloth Park (Jane Goodal Institute Chimp Eden) - included

Day 14: Kruger National Park (full day game drive)

Day 15: Balule Hoedspruit (full day game drive through Kruger NP) - included

Day 16: Balule Hoedspruit (morning walk, Hoedspruit Reptile Centre & Moholoholo                    Rehab Centre) - included

Day 17: Balule Hoedspruit (Rhino Revolution & open jeep safari) - included

Day 18: Sabie (via Blyde River Canyon)

Day 19: Twana Lodge

Day 20: Depart Home

Day 1: Drakensberg
Driving day to the Drakensberg
Day 2:


Tugela Falls - Included
Tugela Falls is widly regarded as one of the most impressive clif faces on earth as well as the 2nd highest waterfall on the planet!  Spend a full day with an experienced guide trekking the 12km hike to experience breathtaking beauty and if you lucky the endangered Bearded Vulture!

Day 3:

Bushman paintings 
We take a short hike around the side of one of the hills to see ‘San’ bushman paintings, learning about the geology of the area and history the paintings (see activity page for optional activities and rates)


Hike to ‘The Cascades and Tiger Falls’ 
We travel to the Park hike along the foot hills of the Drakensberg to the ‘Tiger Fall’s and the ‘Cascades’, this hike takes about 4hrs and everybody will manage. (see activity page for optional activities and rates)


Horse riding 
You have the option of horse riding in the surrounding foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. Experienced and non-experienced horse riders can be accomodated. (see activity page for optional activities and rates)


The option of a visit into the meigbouring country Lesotho. You will be accompanied by local guides and have the oppertunity to interact with the local ‘Basotho’ people of the area. (see activity page for optional activities and rates)


The Sentinal
This is is a hike/climb up one of the the Drakensberg’s famous peaks (see activity page for optional activities and rates)


Cultural village tour 
If available you will have the oppertunity to visit the local village just outside the Park at the foothills of the Drakensberg (price depends on the number of people wanting to to this tourand number of places that we visit (see activity page for optional activities and rates)

Day 4:

Durban is South Africa’s third largest city and popular with holiday makers for its long beaches. It is also one of many beaches protected by shark nets. Each morning the Natal Sharks board goes out to check the nets and release any sea life caught in the nets. Today is a drive day, we continue south to the coast, if time allows to the beach for a quick visit. Or you can visit Ushaka Marine world - The largest aquarium in the Southern Hemisphere! (see activity page for optional activities and rates)

Day 5:

St Lucia

On the way to St Lucia, we stop and do the shark dissection tour.  They show a shark dissection where you can see the internal anatomy of one of the ocean’s most feared predators. Once we reach St Lucia, there is an afternoon Hippo and Croc boat cruise.

Day 6:

St Lucia

This town originated as a result of the good fishing in the area. The estaury is a combination of fresh and sea water and has its own unique ecosystem. Today we take you to Cape Vidal as we game drive through the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park.

Day 7:

St Lucia 

Today we do the full day game drive in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi National Park.  Hluluwe/Imfolozi National Park are actually two parks that have been joined together. These National Parks are one of South Africa’s ‘Big five’ parks. Rhino breeding projects have been taking place here for years, and has resulted in the White rhino being reintroduced into many parks as far north as Kenya.

Day 8:

St Lucia

Take a day to relax, chill by the pool, explore the markets or do other optional activities.  (see activity page for optional activities and rates)

Day 9:

A 100km drive to Sodwana Bay.  Once there, just relax on the beach the afternoon.
(see activity page for optional activities and rates)

Day 10:


A free day at the beach or the option to dive or snorkel weather permitting. If available, a talk about turltes will be given. If there are whales around, you can hire a boat to get up closer. Sodwana Bay is situated along side a World Heritage Site called Isamango Wetland. Snorkeling and diving takes place inside the Park along the east coast. A popular spot for divers and anglers because of the warmer Indian Ocean and abundance of fish and reefs. (see activity page for optional activities and rates)

Day 11:

Queens River Hiking Trail Camp

Driving around Swaziland, we spend the next 2 nights in the Nelshoogte Nature Reserve for a full day hike. 

Day 12:

Queens River Hiking Trail Camp

We leave this morning on a 14km purple trail hike that includes waterfalls and swimming holes.  Spend the day enjoying nature and splashing in the water.

Day 13:

Marloth Park

Maloth Park is on the border with Kruger National Park, we sleep here for the night before we head into the park the next day. On the way to Marloth Park, we visit the Jane Goodall Institute Chimp Eden where we get a 2 hour tour with the Chimps.

Day 14:

Kruger National Park
Spend the day game driving looking for animals, such as Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhinos and Leopard.  Don't just focus on the Big 5, but also see the beauty in the small things.  

Day 15:

Balule Hoedspruit
We spend the next 3 nights at Campfire Academy in Balule Nature Reserve.  It will take us a full day of game driving in Kruger National Park to get there.

Day 16: Balule Hoedspruit
After doing a morning walk with Campfire, we are off to Hoedspruit Reptile centre.  After lunch, we spend the afternoon at Moholoholo Rehab centre. This is a rehabilitation centre for injured and sick animals, those that can get released back into the wild and those that are unable to be released are cared for by the Rehabilitation centre.
Day 17:

Balule Hoedspruit 

We spend the morning at Rhino Revolution and learn about their efforts to save the rhino and their anti-poaching program.  Then we do an open jeep safari to find the Big 5!

Day 18:


We head to the town of Sabie via the Blyde River Canyon.  We sleep at Merry Pebbles camp site where they have a hot swimming pool!

Bourkes luck Potholes 
This is with rocks that have been eroded by whirlpools. It was named after Tom bourke who staked a gold claim nearby. Although he did not find any gold here, he was correct in predicting that the was gold in the area. 

Three Rondavels 
Here we stop for a view of Swadini/Blyder river Dam –which covers an area of 370 hectares and a view of the ‘Three Rondavels’ - these are three quartzite /shale peaks which protrude more than 700m above the landscape. 

Gods Window 
On a clear day we stand onthe edge of the escarpment and experiece a beautiful of the vally below. It is a 900m drop and we experiece the view from around 1750m above sea level. 

Blyde river Canyon
We drive along south Africa’s largest canyon enjoying the views along the way 

We visit one of the many waterfalls for which the area is famous for.

Day 19:

Twana Lodge

We head back home to Twana Lodge for our last evening together.

Day 20:

Heading home




See full route map

Student Safaris are accredited (3 ECTS) Field Courses for university students that provides field experience with conservation issues, ecology, wildlife and plants in Southern Africa, while focusing on the importance of wildlife conservation and understanding actual conflicts concerning protection of wildlife species and their habitats. The course will provide a deeper understanding of the structure and functioning of animal communities, population control, translocations, wildlife diseases and animal behaviour. From experts in the field, students will learn more about wildlife conservation, doing ecological research, and the management of national parks during visits of protected areas, research institutes and other field excursions.

To facilitate an understanding of conservation on Southern Africa, students will prepare presentations that will be giving on site. These presentation will mainly focus on biodiversity, conservation, human-wildlife conflicts and ecology in certain areas and habitats.

Students will gain knowledge about wildlife, habitats, flora and the applicability of all of these to ecological studies. The course will provide a unique opportunity for students to learn new skills and concepts. This course enables students to orient themselves on a potential internship, thesis or research project and will trigger them to evaluate their ambitions and further steps in their academic career.


Learning goals

- Student presentations

- Final discussion on assignment: GPS sightings/monitoring rare species/body condition scores

- Certificate for overall participation and motivation

- Final report per group


Qualification of guides General guides

The guides that accompany the students during the complete trip have nearly 20 years of experience with overland travels in Southern Africa. Therefore, they have a varied general knowledge on the nature, culture and the geological background and history of all the locations. The guides also stimulates the students in reflecting on their career aspirations, give them some life experiences and flexibility when working in developing countries. Local guides Qualified, certified local guides and game rangers are arranged at all specific sites. They offer essential knowledge of the park, nature and animals present.


Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

- critically discuss and evaluate the conservation and management of wildlife/ problems in wildlife management

- understand species distribution and adaptation to specific climate circumstances and resource availability

- understand the major physiological and behavioural adaptations of animals in different habitats and ecological systems

- describe different strategies aimed at prioritizing areas for conservation and effective management - discuss human-wildlife issues on an academic level

- student can set up a small experiment and analyse and discuss collected data

- explain some of the techniques relevant for the management of wildlife populations

- present the results in an understandably way for both managers and policy makers.



The course consists of one week preparation and three weeks in the field in which students from different disciplines will be exposed to a large diversity of mammals, birds, invertebrates, fish, reptiles and amphibians.


- preparing for field trip and oral presentation

- Presentation of results in an oral presentation (field practical)

- Plenary discussions;

- Writing a final report based on the acquired knowledge

All activities are mandatory.



- Oral presentation

- Final group report

- Overall motivation and participation


Optional Activities for South Africa:  Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. We do our best to keep prices current and provide accurate information. 


Drakensberg Optional Activities:

Rock Climbing - R1180,- (3 people or more)

Pocolane Peak Absail - R500,- 


Durban Optional Activities:

Visiting Ushaka Marine World - R157,-


St Lucia Optional Activities:

Zulu Cultural Evening (inc. Dinner) - R440,-

Snorkel Safaris - R750,-

Horse Riding - R495,-

Bicycle Tour - R275,-

Bird Watching Tour - R425,-


Sodwana Optional Activities:

Scuba diving - R410,-

Snorkling - R 350,-  


Kruger National Park Optional Activities:

Night Drive - R450,-  

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