Twana Adventure

Dive Tour 19 Days - Self Drive
South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique

Countries Visited: South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique


On this self drive tour you drive your own 4x4 vehicle and travel from South Africa via Swaziland to Mozambique for twelve spectacular dives in three different locations.  At these locations you can encounter a large variety of see life, from the majestic whale sharks and manta rays to the smallest seehorses and nudibranches. Then off to Kruger Park the "game" is on to find game.  If you are lucky you can encounter the big 5!! But also keep a lookout for all the other interesting wildlife on the way. 


Tour Code: DiveTour19

Tour Price: €2600 - 1 person

Tour Price: €1820 - per person for 2 people

Tour Price: €1470 - per person for 3 people

Tour Price: €1250 - per person for 4 people 


Tour price includes: All transport in your fully equiped Overland vehicle, camping equipment, cooking equipment and accommodation as specified and 12-dive package


Tour price excludes: Visas, flight ticket, additional spending money, Optional Activities, sleeping bag & pillow, fuel, food and road tolls and border fees. 





Depart: Pretoria

End: Pretoria


Day 1: Arrive Twana Lodge (South Africa)
Day 2: Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (Swaziland)
Day 3: Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
Day 4: Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
Day 5: Marracuene (Mozambique)
Day 6: Morrungulo
Day 7: Morrungulo - 2 Dives
Day 8: Tofo
Day 9: Tofo - 2 Dives
Day 10: Tofo - 2 Dives
Day 11: Tofo - 2 Dives
Day 12: Zavora
Day 13: Zavora - 2 Dives
Day 14: Zavora - 2 Dives
Day 15: Maputo
Day 16: Kruger National Park (South Africa)
Day 17: Kruger National Park
Day 18: Kruger National Park
Day 19: Twana Lodge

Day 1:

Twana Lodge:

Your airport transfer will bring you to your starting and ending point in Pretoria where your 4x4 vehicle will be waiting for you to explore and test drive.

Day 2:

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary:

You cross the border with South Africa and Swaziland to Mlilwane.  You can spend the afternoon relaxing by the waterhole. 

Day 3:

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary:

Today you have a full day to explore the Sanctuary.  Hiking, Horse riding or visit the Roan Antilope breeding project.

Day 4:

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary:

There are various other activities to do in Swaziland.  Visit the Candle factory, explore Ngwenya glass factory where you get a demonstration on how class is blown or have lunch at Malandela's Centre.

Day 5:

Marracuene - Jayz Beach Lodge:

After crossing the border with Swaziland and Mozambique, you head to the beach where you camp at Jayz Beach Lodge.

Day 6:


You spend the next couple of days diving at Morrungulo.  It has been voted as one of the best beaches of the Inhambane area.

Day 7:


Today you can do 2 dives on the prestine Sylvia Shoal reef.  Exploring the secret world of fascinating vibrant corals and other marine life on Sylvia Shoal Reef, which is well known as one of the world's finest diving spots. Your opportunity to see Mozambique’s gentle giants - whale sharks and manta rays. Sylvia Shoal is approximately 14 km long with an average depth of 10m. Truly an amazing reef which has hardly been explored.

Day 8:


It's known for the curved Tofo Beach and nearby coral reefs. Huge manta rays circle at Manta Reef, a well-known “cleaning station,” attracting small fish that feed off the rays’ parasites and other debris. Dolphins, whale sharks and migratory humpback whales also swim off the coast, in the waters of the Indian Ocean. 

Day 9:


Today you can do 2 dives on the 19 beautifull and diverse dive sites that Tofo has to offer.

Day 10:


Another 2 dives are planned for today. 

Day 11:


Yet another 2 dives are planned for today.

Day 12:


You head further south to Zavora Lodge, which is situated on one of the finest stretches of coastline in the Inhambane province. The lodge consists of a bar and restaurant, beachfront houses, bungalows and campsites.

Day 13:


Today you have 2 dives to explore the beauty of the ocean.  Zavora has a 12-20m deep Manta cleaning station, but also a wide variety of other interesing things to see, like Moray eels, Nudibranchs, Spanish Dancers, Frog fish, etc. 

Day 14:


Spend your second day here with yet another 2 dives to enjoy!

Day 15:


Heading even further south to the capital, Maputo.  Spend the night in town with its vibrant and colourful restaurants and markets. 

Day 16:

Kruger National Park:

Leaving the coolness of the ocean behind, we head back across the border to South Africa where you can spend the next 3 nights in the bush. 

Day 17:

Kruger National Park:

Spend the day game driving looking for animals, such as Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhinos and Leopard.  Don't just focus on the Big 5, but also see the beauty in the small things. 

Day 18:

Kruger National Park:

Your last day in the park before heading back to Pretoria. 

Day 19:

Twana Lodge:

Today is the last day of your fantastic 19 days of driving your own 4x4 vehicle through beach and bush.  


Optional activities for the Self Drive 19 day tour:


Swaziland optional activities:

Horse riding - R200,-

Mountain biking - R450,-

White water river rafting - R1300,-

Quad biking - R600,- 

Adventure Caving - R1900,-


Kruger National Park optional activities:

Night Drive - R450,-  


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